FairWarning: Some posts will be NSFW

I am always surprised—pleased, but surprised—when one of my muses lands on somebody’s Follow Forever thingy.  Both of them have relatively low follower counts in the grand scheme of Tumblr RP and they play with maybe seven or eight people between them combined, most of which is sporadic and inconsistent.  Never sure what catches anybody’s attention, but I’m happy to be noticed all the same.

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//change of address. I’m so sorry, but I laughed

Heh. Hopefully laughter is still good for you even if it’s inappropriately timed. ^_^;


Change of address. How do you make ‘em up? Which part of your brain did you train for that? You have awesome tags and all, and now this. I just… like that other person, I can’t not laugh. I know I shouldn’t, but… yeah. You’re good. Really good ^^

I’m glad I can make you laugh. It’s not a deliberate thing, really; I maintain that I have little talent for humor. I think, when Naruto-related at least, it’s born of exasperation more than anything else. ^_^;;


dude! i think you talk to me too much. This has been a Sarcastic Understatement Appreciation note.

It is entirely possible you’ve wielded some influence on me over the years. You’ll not hear me complaining. ^_^

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did we just become best danzo friends? because i think we just became best danzo friends



i would be totally down with being bdfs (best danzo friends: like best friends forever except you also will your eyes to each other, just in case. it’s totally not creepy)

if anyone else wants to get on the ‘we love danzo’ train now is the time

it is for the good of the leaf

I am totally on board this train. The seats are quite comfortable.