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saitheinkgod tagged me for that accent challenge meme a couple weeks ago and I finally found a minute to record. My accent is probably best described as American Standard, but I’ve been accused of sounding a little bit Canadian once or twice. Please don’t be too appalled by my flatly androgynous voice and overly-nervous tone.

1. Tell us:
- your name
- your url
- where you’re from

2. Read the following list:
naruto uzumaki, sasuke uchiha, sakura haruno, ino yamanaka, choji akimichi, shikamaru nara, hinata hyuga, shino aburame, kiba inuzuka, rock lee, tenten, neji, konan, pein, hidan, kakuzu, deidara, sasori, zetsu, itachi, kisame, tobi, obito, madara, rasengan, sharingan, rinnegan, byakugan, shannaro, jinchuriki, dattebayo, believe it, hokage, kazekage, mizukage, raikage, tsuchikage, konoha, suna, kiri, kumo, iwa, susanoo, shisui, kabuto, orochimaru

3. Tag five of your friends!

Tagging—no obligation, of course, and I totally understand if you don’t want to: captain-shades, danicat91, faiyuuhi, greatharmony, konohawarhawk, fwogs, anei-rin, danzoluvr69, ikenfixthat.

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Kink survey: bold your kinks/turn-ons, cross out turn-offs.

because I can’t ever seem to black-and-white these things, bold is for relatively universal turn-ons and italics for qualified- or sometimes-turn-ons.  Please also note answers are primarily in terms of what I like reading/writing, not necessarily what I like irl (although some apply to both).

Hands. Fingers. Bones sticking out. Eye contact. Hair. Being loud. Being quiet. Wings. Glasses. Lingerie. Horns. Body modification. Piercings. Tattoos. Stilettos. Blood-play. Bondage. Stubble. Biting. Anal play. Double penetration. Knife-play. Urine. Scratching. Feet. Leaving clothes on. Boots. Vomit. Licking. Begging. Cuddling. Crossdressing. Bruises. Make up. Pubic hair. Foreign languages. Feminization. Scars. Leather. Accents. Braces. Roleplay. Daddy/master/etc. Slapping/spanking. Tentacles. Non-human species (DRAGONS, merfolk, centaurs etc). Defecation. Pegging. Sex toys. Fingering. Tying up. Prolonged waiting. Car sex. Intelligence. Being in public. A specific eye color. Watching. Crying. Hipbones.

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Which ever month you were born in, will determine the type of anime you would live in.


January = Hentai

Febuary = Yuri

March = Sports

April = Horror

May = Supernatural

June = Harem

July = Yaoi

August = Sci-fi

September = Shoujo

October = Ecchi

November = Slice of life

December = Musical